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Fuckboy hair in every ten

You can totally make out one from a mile away by his faded hairstyle. It’s hardly changed throughout history. Thus we’ve made the definitive timeline of the development of the fuckboy and his haircut.

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21 Best FuckBoy Haircuts 2019 Guide from fuckboy haircut , source:pinterest.es
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21 Best Pompadour Fade Haircuts Fade Haircuts from fuckboy haircut , source:pinterest.com

The fade

This is the current fuckboy haircut we’re all living with. It’s enjoyed by some and scorned by others.

The man-bun

If you pick up a guy shaking a man-bun at this tip, walk the other manner. He truly desired to appear artistic and sensitive, but didn’t realize he looked like an imbecile.

The Biebs fuckboy haircut

Ah Justin, between you and Zac Efron in High School Musical this fuckboy haircut took off. Soon guys everywhere were making out that ridiculous hair flip that you absolutely swooned for all through middle school. He rode a skateboard and couldn’t manage a single trick, but you thought he was a bad boy anyway. The crew cuts Like the subject, this one only ran with a guy with a really specific case of bone construction.

You were tied to him for no cause at all. You hardly felt he asked you.

Grunge hair

The grunge guy was moody and desperately desired to be Kurt Cobain. He was furious and seemed like he’d been sleeping in the same clothes for a week.

Frosted tips

N*SYNC were probably frosted tips’ worst offenders. This guy needed to be on trend. He totally practiced the «Bye Bye Bye» moves in his room because he guessed he’d await like a champ at a school dance. He desired to be a fuckboy more than he really was.

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Rocker hair

You had to suffer it to head-smash. The long-haired rocker drove a motorcycle and was the town bad boy.

Slicked back

He began wearing suits just to get to class and carried the Wall Street Journal everywhere. He was all about getting a quick buck and you immediately knew he was all suspicious.


If you’ve seen American Hustle, you know Bradley Cooper was the ultimate fuckboy. He was way too concerned about his style and I mean, those curlers were atrocious. You believed he was hip for around three hours and then found him eating.

The shag

He wanted the «Moves Like Jagger» and tried his hardest to have that «I don’t care» look. You looked right through it though, but nevertheless found him irresistible. You hung on because you were actually hoping he’d compose a song about you. Addition, you guys partied all night and he was the best sex you ever held.

The bowl cut

The Beatles may be music icons, but those haircuts were rough.

The pompadour

The pompadour was a thing of beauty when served right. This guy was cool and aloof.

Tousled and gelled

This guy was constantly on the move and showed up when you least expected him. You dreamed about him day after daylight. But when you had thrown up, he surprised you with a romantic adventure you’d swoon over for years.

The side part and stache

This fuck boy had a harsh side-part and carried a comb just for his thin mustache in his sack. He was slick and he knew it. He’d call you the most annoying pet names and you’d actually have him. You didn’t discover him for weeks until you spotted him walking down the street with a young girl on his branch.

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Gelled to the max

But when you thought his hair couldn’t take any more gelled or stylized, you hit the 20s.He took you out dancing until morning and never talked much. You thought things were heating up and until he suddenly told you it wouldn’t act out.

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